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Panda Power

Panda Power, Ireland's customer focused energy provider.



Panda Power is part of the Beauparc Utility Group (Panda Waste, Greenstar, OZO and A1 Skips among many other brands). Panda Power supplies green energy with a customer focus at super-competitive rates to homes and businesses all over Ireland.

After 30 years of delivering a premium service in refuse collection and recycling, and with over 285,000 customers across Ireland, they felt it was time everyone got the service they deserve for gas and electricity too.



Big Dog was asked to design and develop a website marketing Panda Power’s electricity, gas and dual offerings and to help them stand out from other mainstream competitors.

The brief was to help Panda Power to strengthen their brand but also modernise in terms of design, a more responsive mobile approach and offer full content management capability. The focus of the website was the lead generation for new potential customers and account management for existing customers (such as check current balance, pay bills and submit meter readings).



Working alongside Panda Power’s marketing department and CRM provider we developed a website that captured the essence of Panda Power - clean/green energy, customer focused and competitive within the market.

A clear UX/UI helped ensure a potential customer could find the plan that suited them most and working alongside their CRM provider (Margin) we helped design and enhance the account holders section for account management, paying bills, reviewing account history and submitting meter reads.

We also worked directly with Beauparc Utility Group developing their own website ( as well as a new venture Total Waste Management (

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