Google ‘My Business’: An Exciting New Tool for Business Owners

By: June 19, 2014 4 mins read

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On June 11th, Google announced the release of an exciting new tool for small business owners: Google’s brand-new ‘My Business’ service. This exciting new service will now make it easier than ever before for owners and entrepreneurs to manage their business’s online presence. By allowing you to manage your various pages and accounts through one simple-to-use interface, Google has now made promoting your business a walk in the park.

So how exactly does Google’s new ‘My Business’ work?

Google’s ‘My Business’ allows you to access and manage your various Google pages and accounts in one single location. In the past, of course, business owners would often find themselves navigating between numerous pages: from their Google+ page, to their Google Maps listing, to their admin area in Google Analytics. Now, with Google ‘My Business’, you can monitor and manage these various locations from one location: the Google ‘My Business’ admin area.

The advantages of this new system - needless to say - are numerous. Not only can you now manage your business’s online presence more efficiently, but you can now use Google’s tools more effectively too. By integrating Google’s various tools into a single admin area, Google has allowed you to see how different aspects of your online marketing campaign are effecting your overall sales.

Are those negative reviews you just received on your Google+ plus page hurting your online traffic, for example? With ‘My Business’, you can now see your website’s traffic stats and data in the same place you can read your online reviews.

Or maybe your traffic has been dipping lately. Want to test out a new social media marketing campaign to see if you can increase traffic? With Google ‘My Business’, you can launch your campaign via Facebook and Twitter, and monitor your website statistics, all from the same location?

Over here at Big Dog Digital, we’re very excited. And we think you should be too.

To learn more about Google ‘My Business’, check out Google’s video on this exciting new service: click here.