Big Dog’s Monthly Medley

By: Cathal February 3, 2017 4 mins read

Former front-end dev, now trying his hand at drawing and taking pictures.

I'm so sad it's Friday. I wish it was Monday already! Said no one in history, ever. Welcome to our new Monthly Medley segment. Specially curated to look at areas across the web that have caught our eye this past month. The first Friday of every month will see Cathal share some recent finds and gorgeous web and design inspiration.

Kicking Monthly Medley Proceedings Of Properly

So it's Friday. You're not thinking about what's for dinner, you already know the answer is... BEER! A new Kickstarter Campaign is here to help you achieve that Friday bliss. Growler Chill have designed a counter top tap to keep growlers cold, fresh and on tap right at home. If you're familiar with your craft beers, you'll know what a growler jug is. I for one needed to do some research. According to Growler Chill, their innovative appliance holds three standard glass growlers and extends the beer’s life for weeks after opening, by recreating keg conditions. I'm impressed, it looks slick too.


Credit: Growler Chill

HEI Tech Tea

It will probably come as no surprise that the tea drinking ceremony has strong cultural significance in China; it is almost held at the same esteem as the humble ‘cuppa’ functions as an icebreaker for visitors entering into Irish households.

In an attempt to keep this culture alive, Chinese design brand Defront created a tea service in the hopes that the product will make traditional drinking ceremonies popular with the country’s younger generation.


Credit: Dezeen
The HEI tea set is made of Chinese Yixing clay, inspired by the ancient Chinese tea ceremony while combining Eastern and Western tea culture; the redesign of the tea drinking and infusion process combines the merits of the traditional tea ceremony and the convenience of using a tea bag.

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Google Play by Script & Seal

Credit: Script & Seal || Satellite Office

Google contacted Script & Seal (Gavin Potenza & Liz Meyer) to create a series of illustrations to accompany the newest feature of their Play Music program: Google Concierge. The process of “integrating this service into Google Play was seamless, but exciting, simple and graphic solutions were needed to easily explain each situation without using words. The artwork was created to work as both cropped icons & background patterns creating a more unified experience”, according to Gavin and Liz.

The Universe on Pinterest and GIPHY


Credit: Nasa
Ever asked yourself where to source the best outer space imagery? Well look no further, NASA has started to share its images across their Pinterest and Giphy accounts. According to the NASA blog the resources will be “providing visitors an out-of-this-world journey through animated GIFs and images of Earth and beyond.”

NASA is going to post historic images and videos to Pinterest across it’s many missions to date. While on Giphy NASA has brought its extensive collection of images and videos to life in GIF format. No doubt this will open the doors to many great reactionary Memes.

Take a look: Pinterest & Giphy

Hero Icons

When it comes to iconography, as a designer I am always on the look out for cool icons that both look good and are easy to use. For the most part in Big Dog we use font icons such as Font Awesome for our projects. The ease of use of font icons is unparalleled, icons align to text effortlessly. However, SVG icons are gaining serious momentum across the web. Ultimately, a SVG icon system could increase accessibility standards while also rendering higher quality visuals across projects. I stumbled upon these Heroicons created by Steve Schoger recently. Steve has previously created Hero Patterns and Zondicons, both are offered as free design resources.


Credit: Heroicons
Heroicons currently in development, are offering 10 free sample icons prior to launch. As can be seen above the icons are fully customisable as a result “give you the creative freedom to help you better align to your brand that most stock icons don’t provide. Heroicons will come with a variety of themes with easy to manage CSS, SASS and LESS.”

Elliot Dahl has published an insightful article looking at his approach to styling SVG icons with CSS, read here.

Gif of The Month

January is finally done and those post Christmas blues forgotten, in fact all eyes are now firmly focused on summer. Now that all the excitement of the New Year has settled, how have your resolutions progressed? Still endlessly clocking up those hours in the gym? I know we are ?