New Site Launch – Irish Farmers Association

By: May 23, 2014 mins read

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Irish Farmers' Association

Over the course of 2013, the team here at Big Dog Digital set out to completely redesign the online home of the Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA). Given the IFA’s role as a nation-wide representative of the agricultural sector in Ireland, we felt that the IFA needed a website that could meet their needs as a national organisation. With a new, user-friendly design and the ability to be viewed on a wide variety of platforms, IFA.ie is now fully accessible to the farming community all across Ireland.

The Site Build

Built using WordPress’s dynamic Content Management System, our website offers the IFA the ability to control and manage their website in a variety of important ways. As a result of WordPress CMS, our clients are capable of performing a large number of updates personally, such as adding and modifying pages, adding imagery and video, managing membership subscriptions and other important tasks. This allows the IFA far greater control over their website’s management than ever before.

Alongside this important feature, we have also ensured that ifa.ie is capable of being viewed on a wide range of platforms. Drawing on the techniques of responsive design, we have ensured that our client’s website will re-scale automatically to fit whatever device it’s being viewed on, be it iPad, smartphone or laptop. This new feature has drastically improved visitor accessibility. Our new, intuitive interface and user-friendly design has also made accessing the IFA website and its resources far easier than ever before.

Perhaps most importantly, however, the team here at Big Dog was called upon to design a number of unique features for the IFA’s website.

As a large-scale national organisation, for example, with branches all across the country, the IFA required an easy-to-use online membership system for its numerous members. Drawing on our extensive experience in e-commerce development, we provided the IFA with a highly efficient and user-friendly system, whereby new or existing members could begin or renew their membership directly on the site. This new, easy-to-use system allows IFA members to pay for their membership entirely online - without any of the associated hassles.

Given the extensive amount of information contained on the original IFA website, moreover, we were also required to develop an automated content transfer system. This system, which Big Dog built from scratch, allowed us to automatically transfer over 1300 pages of information and material from the original IFA site into the new, WordPress-managed site. This greatly reduced the time and money required for such a large-scale transfer of content.

Some of the other customised features we designed for the IFA site were:

  • Comprehensive UX (user experience) review
  • Custom WordPress Theme design and development
  • Custom plugin and widget development
  • Custom post type development
  • Individual permissions for content editors of different sections of the site
  • Automated image optimization
  • Developed to allow far greater flexibility to site editors and administrators, while also improving usability
  • Super-fast hosting environment setup, with improved caching and automated backups