Recent going’s on from the Digital Doghouse

By: Fran Murray July 17, 2018 2 mins read

Fran is Big Dog's big dog. He runs a tight ship but don't worry, a quick scratch behind the ear and he'll roll right over!

Why so quiet?

Typical, we regularly advise (or moan) clients about the importance of writing new content for their website. “Google loves fresh content”, we say . . . “Your website must be kept up-to-date”, we say . . . “Don’t let your website content get stale”, we say . . . and what do we do?

We don’t write a single post in 6-months, Doh!

Well, with our new shiny website I am here to write that wrong. Here is a round-up of some recent news over the past couple of months. Why so quiet? Well, simply we have been busy with work, moving, dog training and other general activities!

New Website

Today we launch our shiny new website - BigDog 3.0.


This is our 3rd website since launching Big Dog a little over 5 years ago. I think it nicely captures where we are at in our agency lifespan - creative, fun and showcasing some of the many projects we have been lucky to work on. We are calling it our Digital Doghouse!

Cathal Mac an Bheatha our Lead Designer worked quietly on the new website in-between some exciting projects since Christmas,

A few projects worth mentioning - Vitus Prostate Centre - a multi-website for Europe, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the US. Panda Power a website marketing Panda Power’s electricity, gas and dual offerings and to help them stand out from other mainstream competitors.

We also completed some of the great animations for the team at TracknStop while completing a rebuild of Invesco from Drupal to WordPress.


We Moved Doghouse

In March moved from the tranquil seaside surroundings of Skerries closer to the hustle and bustle of Dublin city centre. Santry Central is new creative space from the founders of The Chocolate Factory and enables us to work alongside other creatively minded people.

It also means we have less distance to travel on Fridays in search of a good pint.

Office shot of Santy Central

Coming and Going

The past few months have also seen some departures and arrivals to the team. Tristan, our Technical Director, took up a new role as CTO with the TracknStop team and Sandra Doran left us to have a baby girl (Eloise) the cheek of her.

We also had two new arrivals Tomas Piksrys joined us on the Development Team while Cooper joined us to lend some much-needed downtime (or throw the ball - catch the ball - time).


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