Small Businesses: What’s in Your Toolbox?

By: June 29, 2014 3 mins read

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Although many of us have grown accustomed to using Google as our primary search engine online, we often forget that Google offers a variety of other services too. Some of the most helpful tools offered by Google, in fact, are those aimed at small business owners. From website data analysis tools to online directories and cloud storage services, Google is a great resource for small businesses everywhere. With this in mind, Big Dog explores some of the most helpful tools and services offered by Google.

1) Google Drive

This extremely useful and reliable service is Google’s answer to Dropbox. Google Drive is a cloud-storage service that allows you to store up to 10gb of data online - whether these be documents, videos, presentations or images.

One of the great advantages of this system, of course, is the protection it offers your files. In the event of your hard-drive malfunctioning - or other scenarios - you can rest assured that your files are still safe and secure. Unlike other cloud-storage services, however, Google drive integrates perfectly with a variety of other third-party tools. It’s easy to use interface and intuitive design make it a great tool for any business owner.

2) Google +

Although Google + will never attain the same level of popularity as tools like Facebook and Twitter, it’s an extremely useful service for advertising your small business. With its simple design and practical layout, it’s perfect for customers seeking information about your business. Not only that, however, but possessing a Google+ page has been known to improve your overall search engine rankings on Google. What’s stopping you?

3) Google Trends

It’s difficult to overstate how helpful this tool can be when devising your online marketing campaign. Google Trends allows you to analyse current trends and determine the best keywords and terms to use when writing your marketing material. Given that many small business owners rely on online marketing to help their business grow, keeping up to date on changing trends is essential.

4) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of those tools that every business owner should be familiar with. With Analytics, you can monitor numerous aspects of your website’s performance. You can monitor your website’s overall traffic, determine where the majority of your traffic is coming from and at what times of the day, and even discover your website’s specific demographic. This tool is essential if you want to help make your website as successful as possible.

5) Google Webmaster Tools

Although the tools offered in Google Webmaster Tools are a little more sophisticated than some of the other services outlined above, this highly effective tool offered by Google can be of great benefit to small business owners. With Webmaster Tools, you can monitor and adjust a number of your website’s features. With this tool, you can submit and check your sitemap, discover broken links, set your preferred domain name and view stats about how Google is indexing your site. By getting to grips with Google Webmaster Tools, small business owners can help optimise their site for better performance and monitor its overall success.

6) Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed is an extremely effective tool for helping you improve your website’s overall performance. From improving your page’s upload speed to helping you improve your SEO, this tool can do wonders for your business’s website. As we all know, accessing a slow website can be a major deterrent to potential customers. This tool helps you to analyse the various factors that contribute to your website’s performance and to use tools that will help you improve this.