Strategy and Planning

By: Fran Murray April 24, 2017 7 mins read

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Every business is different. There are the wide general issues that face all businesses and then there are the issues specific to your business sector.

Our team create platforms that enable organisations to engage with customers.

This guide will hopefully give you an overview of some of the key activities we use to deliver successful digital projects for our clients.



Setting the objectives for success.

Regardless of your business, start by listing specific website goals and corresponding objectives that fit your overall marketing strategy and capabilities.






Use existing customer data and research to get a better picture of the issue.




What technology offers the best opportunities.

Touch Points




Build an experience your customers want and value

Project Management focuses on planning and organizing a project and its resources. This includes identifying and managing the lifecycle to be used, applying it to the user-centered design process, formulating the project team, and efficiently guiding the team through all phases until project completion.
User Research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

Usability Evaluation focuses on how well users can learn and use a product to achieve their goals. It also refers to how satisfied users are with that process.

Information Architecture (IA) focuses on how information is organized, structured, and presented to users.

User Interface Design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions.

Interaction Design (IxD) focuses on creating engaging interactive systems with well thought out behaviors.

Visual Design focuses on ensuring an aesthetically pleasing interface that is in line with brand goals.

Content Strategy focuses on writing and curating useful content by planning the creation, delivery and governance behind it.

Accessibility focuses on how a disabled individual accesses or benefits from a site, system or application. Section 508 is the governing principal for accessibility.

Web Analytics focuses on the collection, reporting, and analysis of website data.


Analysis, remove whats not working and refine based on customer feedback.


Marketing, attract and retain new business by making the customer informed, supported and valued.