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Ireland's Premier Classic Car Marketplace

At inception, the team at Classic & Exotic agreed that there was a need for a dedicated platform to showcase classic cars, to set them aside from cars that would be considered 'normal' or 'run-of-the-mill'. By bringing together car enthusiasts with interesting cars they created an online place for these two to exist.

Client Requirements

In mid 2023 we were approached by the client James Cullen a ‘car aficionado’ about creating a bespoke classic car marketplace for Ireland (something that had not yet been done and was seriously lacking). From the outset his passion and enthusiasm for this project was infectious and one that we knew we just had to be involved in.

As this was a new venture we needed to start with research, discovery and brand development. Given this was a new identity we of course wanted to ensure the full name ‘Classic and Exotic’ featured to assist in brand growth and recognition. We also wanted to utilise a logo marque that could over time be used standalone and isolated. We started with some high-level concepts taking inspiration from classic car emblems.

The client was very much the visionary here and wanted to focus on the initials to create a monogram logo mark reflecting the CE. With this in mind we wanted to ensure the monogram would sit with a sleek logotype while touching upon car inspiration. The end result was a lock-up containing the key initials C & E in a way that represented a car steering wheel lending itself perfectly to either full brand presentation or standalone monogram.

The same level of research was also adopted for the overall colour scheme looking at everything from race-car-green to Ferrari red. The final mood board agreed was ‘black’ a neutral colour, which was used to “stabilise” or subdue the more vibrant ‘yellow’. These colours within the auto industry screamed luxury and confidence, as we see from emblems such as Lamborghini.

When it came to the actual website there were some key functional aspects such as an intuitive listing search with the option to expand to advanced filtering. It was also vitally important that the placing of a vehicle advert was seamless and straightforward. This required a custom eCommerce solution where the user signed-up, placed advert and paid within one fluid motion.

A subscription modal for multiple car listing and dealerships was also a key requirement.

Community is everything to this industry, while the main goal of this site is to bring new life to a classic sector, the audience is by no means dated and is extremely tech savvy.

The classic cars community is thriving with enthusiasts ranging from 30+ years of age. Attending events, following collectors, reading about and classic car photography, all of which is a past time first and foremost. With this in mind Classic & Exotic cars aim to be the number one website for people to discover what’s happening within the classic vehicles trade.