What we did

  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • API & Payment Integrations
  • Interactive Map
  • Hosting & Support

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GOAL around the world

GOAL believes in a world where poverty no longer exists, where vulnerable communities are resilient, where barriers to well-being are removed, and where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. Since working on the project with GOAL we have had the pleasure of continuing to support the client with a number of enhancements such as a careers API integration, interactive globe map for tracking COVID-19 impact and more recently an advanced search function.

goal globals donate page. donation for with image of child

Client Requirements

GOAL required a solution that offered a more robust CMS platform but also addressed a number of other key areas such as current design trends, audience engagement, user-flow and a simple/efficient donations process. The design needed to be dynamic, clean and visual – a strong UX/UI to help direct a user to the content that is relevant to them in as few clicks as possible.

Increasing support through a simple and stepped donations process. Giving the communications and fundraising teams the ability to build campaign pages ‘on-the-fly’ for upcoming events and initiatives. And, increasing engagement via newsletters and news/stories were all fundamental to the success of the project.

We stared with a focus-analysis-group to review the older online presence. This provided us with a fresh perspective on the challenges a user faced when trying to find our information about ‘or’ donate to GOAL. Then by facilitating a ‘discovery workshop’ we were able to discuss our analysis/research, explore the goals of the new website, design likes and dislikes, user-base, high-level messaging, site-architecture and the next steps.

The end result was a highly interactive and functional WordPress CMS (content management system) website – built using a custom theme developed especially for GOAL.