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What we did

  • Branding
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Bespoke eLearning Platform
  • Videography

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Challenging young people to make a difference!

Localise have a vision, their vision is a world where all young people have the opportunity to volunteer locally and become pro-active citizens and community leaders.

Localise enables young people to come together and make a difference in their local communities. Their programmes can be run in primary & secondary schools or community groups by facilitators or teachers.

A Fresh Look

What started out as a fresh new look for the website, turned into a full blown branding exercise. Localise were launching a new eLearning platform with the end goal of volunteers having a portfolio to showcase their experiences.

2022 saw Localise celebrate 50 years of Youth Volunteering, a good as reason as any to launch a refreshed brand identity and website to showcase it.

The logomark conveys youth and community, engaging young people to come together and help benefit themselves and the greater community around them.

localise business cards design

A Bespoke eLearning Experience

A new website and brand were only the beginning of this project. Localise challenged Big Dog during the Covid-19 to bring what they had been offering as an in classroom workshop to an online experience.

This is where the real challenge began. Digitising an in person presentation meant creating a full video experience that allowed the young people learn independently with the odd helping hand from the Localise team from time to time.

localise classroom to community on laptop screen
localise website on mobile phone

Client Requirements

Localise hold a special place in the hearts of Big Dog. Not only are they based in the same office space (Talent Garden), not only do they perform exceptional and outstanding volunteering workshops with schools and community groups around Ireland, not only are they pioneers on the importance of youth volunteering and the larger impact to communities and as individuals but, they are also just a really nice group of people 🙂

We started working with Localise in 2018 on a microsite for one of the school programmes ‘Volunteering For All’. When COVID-19 hit in March 2020 Localise like many were deeply affected. Their in-class workshops became next to impossible to facilitate at a time when the essence of volunteering was more important than ever.

Localise approached us with the concept of building a virtual volunteering platform that would not only deliver the workshops previously held in person, but also promote the concept of micro-volunteering (smaller volunteering activities that could for example; say thank you to healthcare workers).

We had only 4-5 months with the Localise team on a large breadth of work, for example: bringing our UX/UI experience to digitally present what was an in-person workshop, design and develop a bespoke solution on WordPress, write scripts/storyboard and film/animate aspects of the workshop for online presentation.

The end-result was a game changer – widening the audience reach for volunteerism in unprecedented times.

Phase-2 has been to take what was created and perfect/future proof it. 2022 saw Localise celebrate 50 years of Youth Volunteering so it was the perfect opportunity to bring a fresh new look to the brand and website.

While phase-3 (in works) is the most exciting element – a volunteering portfolio to showcase the experiences of youth within their communities.