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A complete rethink

Managing the merging of various brands and services into one succinct and complete platform required a complete rethink and in turn the refresh of the business and its branding.

This new positioning needed to work across all aspects of the business.

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Client Requirements

The beginning of the project required extensive research on best practice from some of the worlds leading utility providers. This coincided with Big Dog leading the rebrand while ensuring through focus groups that the integrity and identity of some of the most widely recognised and trusted brands within the recycling/waste management sector in Ireland was retained.

The website design and development was one of our largest undertakings to-date. Project managing and working alongside a number of service providers, the integration of custom APIs and payment gateways, the development of complex utility bundles, the up-and-cross-sell of products and services and ensuring customer support and regulatory compliance was always at the forefront of design and functionality.

The end goal – offering Panda customers a single sign-up for multiple products, services and day-to-day account management.