What we did

  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development
  • API Integration
  • Advanced UAT via Jira

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Life at Ryanair

With a fleet of 585 aircraft by 2024, Ryanair offers some of the best career opportunities and progression in the aviation industry from the cockpit to cabin and engineering to their head office. The Ryanair Careers microsite was our 3rd project with Ryanair (having worked alongside them on both an Intranet 'one-stop team portal' and their investor relations microsite).

Client Requirements

A visual and engaging website that captures the essence of life at Ryanair and promotes the career opportunities across its ever increasing network. The website had to integrate with their recruitment software and ensure application was a simple and straightforward process. The website also needed to allow for rapid growth in both the number of vacancies and number of departments. 

We also needed to implement user funnelling for potential candidates jumping straight in with a homepage search module (taking inspiration from the likes of Airbnb, Booking.com and leading recruitment websites) or those wishing to take a deeper dive into exploring ‘life at Ryanair’.