HEIDL, Progressive Product Design and Engineering

  • Nov 2016
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HEIDL was formed by mechanical engineer Niall English and product designer John Horrigan. Niall and John found their complimentary skills, interests and experience could be merged to form a dynamic new company which would create innovative and impactful products which balanced aesthetic beauty with technical sophistication.

With complimentary, yet distinct skill sets, Niall and John and the HEIDL team offer end to end product development services.

Our task was to formulate and plan a digital asset for the company that would position HEIDL as a high end strategic partner for mid to large corporates. Clients needed to view and engage with the design process. This aspect was key to giving a transparent vision of how the company works to potential new business.

  • Fully responsive platform (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)
  • Design orientated, showcase the ethos of the company
  • Dynamic and engaging content
  • Fully integrated CMS



We met with HEIDL to kick off the project and it became clear that they wanted to showcase their design process in a dynamic and clear way to users. This would form the basis of a users engagement, working their way through the site and gaining an understanding of how HEIDL works.

Market research was conducted to assess the competitor landscape and ensure that we were aware of any overlapping and repetition. Product design, architecture and other design professions pay particular attention to how they present their brand and services. The layout and visual system need to reflect the clarity and detail that the firm’s apply to their core business and products.

We undertook the planning phase in two parts – objectives and prototype. We wanted to document both the business and user objectives to ensure all stakeholders were agreed on the concept. By gaining an understanding of their target market, we would be clear on how to formulate an approach to engage this audience.

We worked very closely with HEIDL in an agile way, beginning with specification and objectives documentation, which then led us to start the first wireframes. A prototype was used to progress the site, moving in small incremental stages, which evolved into a solid working model of the site.





Interactive Prototype


Once we had the blueprint agreed, our team worked to create a design pattern for HEIDL. This was then mapped out into all content types and components, working in conjunction with the client team to review and sign off in an efficient manner.

Our biggest challenge was to create an interactive timeline which gave users an overview of what is involved in the product design process. As with all of our projects, the mobile experience is as important as the desktop.


Mobile UI
Desktop UI

Build & UAT

Design and Development had a clear, well-documented vision of what we needed to achieve. Our process for all of our projects is to build upon best practice guidelines, code practice and accessibility.

It was designed and built in-line with a responsive grid system and from this, we mapped out bespoke HTML and CSS templates. We then fully integrated into Wordpress.

As part of the process, we ran the final build through our extensive quality control process covering usability, performance, devices, browsers and screen resolutions.


UAT Mobile (Chrome / iPhone 6+)



As with all projects undertaken by Big Dog, we have kept a close eye on how the new site has performed since the move from old to new. We are pleased to report that even at this early stage, the new site is performing better across all metrics.

  • Professional platform for HEIDL to promote and grow their business
  • Increase in sessions, page views and conversion rates
  • Interactive experience outlining their services and process
  • Improved customer journey from initial landing, detail to contact.
  • Vastly improved brand message
  • Client control with integrated CMS


What the client said

“Big Dog Digital’s intuitive, creative and highly professional approach has led to the creation of our brand new website which far surpasses our expectations. If you need a current, stylish and sophisticated new website we strongly recommend Big Dog Digital.”

Dara Keogan

With a BA Honours Degree in Design and a wealth of experience in UI/UX, Dara has worked with numerous national and international clients over the past nine years. Dara oversees the planning, prototype development and design of all our projects. One of Dara’s key roles is to help balance our client’s business requirements with the needs of the end-user, resulting in simple to use but meaningful user interfaces.

Dublin, Ireland @Dara83