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New App Launch –

By: June 17, 2014 3 mins read

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For much of 2013, the team here at Big Dog Digital have been busy at work on one of our most exciting projects to date: Drawing on our considerable experience in the areas of mobile app development and website design, we have helped create a product that we feel is destined to revolutionize the future of the automobile industry in years to come.

So what exactly is TracknStop and what is it all about?

TracknStop is an exciting new service that allows car owners to have full control over their vehicles’ security. The team behind TracknStop have developed a unique tracking and immobilising device that allows vehicle owners to remotely track and disable their vehicle. In the event of a theft, for example, you can simply log in to your TracknStop account - on your iPhone, tablet or home computer - and monitor your vehicle’s activity. Not only can you pinpoint your car’s exact location, however, but TracknStop gives you the power to safely disable the car’s engine. Once disabled, you can then contact the authorities and allow them to retrieve your vehicle for you.

With a whole host of other exciting features - such as customised geo-fencing and an easy-to-use mobile interface - TracknStop is set to become the first choice for vehicle owners everywhere.

Our Design

- Mobile App

Big Dog Digitial were asked to design and build an easy-to-use and intuitive application that would be possible to use across all platforms, from Smartphone to Tablet to home computer. Not only that, however, but this application would have to integrate with the TracknStop hardware within a vehicle. We met that challenge.

Once logged in to the TracknStop administration area designed by Big Dog, the car owner is capable of performing a number of tasks. From locating and monitoring their vehicle’s location on an interactive map, to setting up geo-fences and managing their account, the user is given full control over their vehicle’s safety and security. Unlike other services, however, our design is built with the everyday user firmly in mind. With an attractive and clean layout, and extremely user-friendly design, our application is perfect for today’s tech-savvy car owner.

- Site Design

Alongside the TracknStop app, we were also called upon to design Built using WordPress’s Content Management System, our new site provides first-time visitors with all the information they require on TracknStop’s groundbreaking new service. We have also ensured that is capable of being viewed on a wide range of platforms. Drawing on the techniques of responsive design, we have ensured that our client’s website will re-scale automatically to fit whatever device it’s being viewed on, whether be it iPad, smartphone or laptop.

Want to check out TracknStop yourself?

Visit for more information.