Promoting Your Website Off-Line

By: July 22, 2014 2 mins read

I'm a fountain of wisdom...

When devising your digital marketing strategy, it’s extremely easy to overlook many of the more straightforward methods for promoting your business. While you’re busy devising social media campaigns and planning out your SEO campaign, you might be forgetting another great way to generate traffic: off-line promotion. Big Dog looks at some of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your website off-line.

1) Business Cards

It seems obvious - but it’s often easy to forget the basics. Always make sure to include your URL at the bottom of your business card. You’d be surprised at how effective can be.


If your employees are required to wear uniforms, why not include a URL below the logo or in some identifiable spot?

3) Business T-shirts

Many businesses like to print t-shirts to sell or give away to customers. Make sure to add your URL in a visible location.

4) Press Releases

When drafting press releases for your business, always remember to include your URL. This gives people the opportunity to visit your website as soon as they’ve finished reading.

5) Printed newsletter

Do you have a printed newsletter that you send around to your clients or customers? Add your URL.

6) Business directories

When including your business in a printed business directory - such as the yellow pages - always remember to include your URL. These days, people are more likely to log-on to your site to get basic information.

7) Vehicles

If you’re the kind of business that has vehicles on the road, make sure to print your URL in a prominent area.

8) Voicemail

If you have a voicemail system for your business, don’t forget to mention your website address in the message. It’s surprising how many people forget this one - but it’s remarkably effective.