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Technical Director

As our Director of Development, Tristan’s primary role is to oversee the completion of every new project embarked upon at Big Dog. With his extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of Web Development and Internet-based Software, Tristan provides the team here at Big Dog with the tools and expertise to ensure the success of every new project, whether big or small.

When away from his desk, Tristan can generally be found training for a marathon or hiking deep in the Dublin mountains with his beloved bulldog, Turbo.



Sales Director

With over 15-years experience in operational and project management, Fran oversees the general planning and execution of every new project undertaken here at Big Dog Digital. Fran’s primary responsibility is to ensure that all of our projects are not only planned, realized and delivered on time, but – most importantly – that they are achieved within the allocated budget.

Alongside his role as Director of Sales and Projects, Fran is also a bona fide outdoorsman and fully-fledged Scout Master. Just ask him: he’s got the badges to prove it!



Creative Director

With a BA Honours Degree in Design and a wealth of experience in UI/UX, Dara has worked with numerous national and international clients over the past nine years. Dara oversees the planning, prototype development and design of all our projects. One of Dara’s key roles is to help balance our client’s business requirements with the needs of the end-user, resulting in simple to use but meaningful user interfaces.

When not at his desk, he can usually be found battling it out on the football pitch with his local team. Dara considers himself a practitioner of Johan Cruyff’s philosophy: ‘Total Football’.



Lead Developer

With degrees in Computer Science and Web Technologies from both Ireland and Canada, Kevin applies his wide-ranging expertise to all of our projects here at Big Dog. Data-fuelled Web Apps built in PHP, JavaScript, and a host of Content Management Systems including WordPress and Magento are his forte – and he is a dedicated proponent of mobile-friendly sites.

Alongside his passion for technology, Kevin’s other interests include the attainment of Nirvana through long-distance running and Pidgey-hoarding.



Front-End Developer

With dual degrees in both Web Design and Web Development, and an MA in Communications from UCD, Cathal is uniquely suited to his role as Front-end Developer here at Big Dog Digital. By combining his knowledge of high-end web development, with his passion for user-friendly interfaces and clarity of design, Cathal ensures that every website is constructed with the user’s experience firmly in mind.

Cathal is also a fluent Gaelic speaker, an experienced drummer and an obsessive long-distance cyclist.




While studying for a B.S.C in Multimedia from DCU, Bríain soon discovered his passion and talent for computer programming. Bríain’s primary role involves integrating designs and templates into custom built and client-editable wordpress themes for web and mobile apps. Additionally, Bríain helps ensure the overall security and performance-efficiency of our client’s websites.

Bríain’s favourite pastimes include: competitive dog-walking, uninformed analyses of UFC bouts, and educating the masses on hyperbolic paraboloids.



Project Manager

A recent addition to the Big Dog team, Sandra has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and project management. Sandra’s primary role is to support Fran in overseeing client communications, ensuring in-house milestones are adhered to and projects are delivered as per client agreements. A stickler for detail, Sandra is also responsible for UX/UI testing of websites across various browsers and devices.

Assisting with Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing, another important element to Sandra’s role is to advise our clients on their digital marketing strategy.

When Sandra isn’t making herself unpopular being the office whip, she likes nothing more than getting stuck into a good film and a large glass of wine.



Digital Media

As our in-house media production professional, Nathan’s primary role is to create various types of digital media for our clients. His primary responsibility is to produce and create high-quality video content: from homepage header videos, to corporate testimonials, to web commercials. Nathan also has extensive experience as a copywriter and digital marketing specialist.

When not in the office, he can generally be found perusing old dictionaries for obscure words. Favourite word to date: honeyfuggle. v. “to hoodwink, entice by flattery”.



Front-end Developer

A highly valued addition to our development team, Wisnu is a skilled interaction designer with a wide range of experience to draw upon. In his role as Front-end Developer, Wisnu takes the planned project direction and detailed design specifications and puts them into a browser environment.

A lifelong lover of art and music, he is enthusiastically learning to play guitar. His neighbours are decidedly less enthusiastic about his new hobby.




With his varied background in both programming and web development, Dom brings a high level of technical expertise to the team at Big Dog. He possesses expertise in System Design, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Database Design and User Interface Development. With a genuine love of all things Web, Dom contributes both his knowledge and enthusiasm to every new project at Big Dog.

Dom’s other hobbies have been known to include: amateur robotics, ethno-botany, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and forensic investigation.



Spritual Guru

Once described by the Woofington Post as the ‘undisputed godfather of Silicon Valley’, Turbo has now turned his sights to the newest technological frontier: Dublin, Ireland. With over twenty years experience developing cutting-edge software and acting as adviser to some of the worlds’ leading tech companies, Turbo serves as general overseer and spiritual guru to the team here at Big Dog.

Turbo’s other passions in life include: driving his convertible with the top down, quantum mechanical testing, and back-country skiing.

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