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We like to take great ideas and turn them into beautiful websites.

Our Services

Our collaborative approach ensures the end product is tailored to your specific needs.

The Visual

Brand Identity & Website Design

Creating a visual connection with your customer is paramount to the success of your website.

The first step on every project is to work closely with you and your team in order to gain a better understanding of what it is that really makes you and your business tick. A successful design should be based around your core business goals, engaging your customers while communicating your unique value proposition.

The Story

Content Storytelling, Photography & Video

Telling your story is one of the most powerful ways to engage with consumers – and it should be at the core of your website strategy. You want your customer to associate with your brand, develop a positive opinion of it, and then subsequently make contact with you.

Often we are asked to assist clients to help ensure their story is told in a clear, precise and succinct manner. We do this by communicating your unique value proposition through copywriting and enhance this with content storytelling through other mediums such as photography, video and animation.

The Build

Website Development with WordPress and WooCommerce

We understand that a well built website is the engine that powers your digital strategy. Good design is dependant on functionality. Our ethos is web design and development should work hand in hand.

Using the latest technologies and web standards enables our development team to deliver not only functional but innovative websites. We love well coded and fast loading pages that are built with SEO in mind.

WordPress is our preferred tool for developing dynamic, search engine friendly websites. This open-source technology is used by many small to multinational companies (like CNN, eBay and the New York Times) as the foundation of their website platform. There are over 68+ million WordPress websites.

We can further enhance WordPress with customised functionality and eCommerce via WooCommerce as a leader in eCommerce technology this plug-in enables the platform to integrate seamlessly with providers such as PayPal, Realex and Stripe.

Your website is built with your business's future growth in mind - making page updates and editing your site’s content a piece of cake. We do the technical work so you don’t have to.

The Support

Hosting, Support Contracts and Service Level Agreements

Designing and building a website is just the first step. On-going management and maintenance is essential in ensuring optimal performance.

We want your website to be performing at peak condition at all times.

Big Dog Support is not just about fixing errors here and there. We realise that your online business is continuously evolving, so we want to make sure your website does so too. Design changes, extra coding and add-ons - we’ve got it covered!

Imagine having your own personal online guard dog - that’s Big Dog. We’ll monitor your sites round the clock so you can rest easy. We’ll see issues and fix them before they even arise. Worried about your business’ and client data, we do regular backups, so whatever happens your information will be safe and secure.