Big Dog-Designed Software Makes it to Finals at Web Summit

By: November 21, 2014 4 mins read

I'm a fountain of wisdom...

It’s been a seriously exciting month here in the offices of Big Dog Digital.

Web Summit - Dublin

From November 4th to the 6th, we took part in the internationally recognized ‘Pitch’ competition at the Web Summit, in the RDS, Dublin. Held over three exciting days, PITCH is Europe’s largest and most important investment competition for start-ups and is attended by the likes of Visa, Coca-Cola, Amazon and IBM.

Over three intense days, our very own Francis Murray battled it out with hundreds of other startups in front of the world’s leading investors. Pitching on behalf of TracknStop, one of Ireland’s most exciting and innovative tech start-ups, Francis explained both the benefits and advantages of this exciting new technology to a panel of distinguished judges. Despite some seriously impressive competition, TracknStop was finally chosen out of 200 other start-ups to compete in the final round. We’re delighted to announce that TracknStop walked away as runner-up - an achievement we’re all extremely proud of.

Check out Francis Murray, Director of Sales at Big Dog Digital, pitching on behalf of our clients - TracknStop.

Wait... there's more!

Not only did TracknStop make it to the final round of ‘Pitch’, however, but TNS also won the secret ‘AIB Hatch’ prize of €10,000. This prize, which is presented by a specially chosen group of Irish secondary school students, is awarded to the start-up deemed most innovative and exciting by the young judges.

Big Dog's Role

Over the past year and a half, Big Dog Digital has partnered with TracknStop to help them develop and design their cutting-edge vehicle security technology. Drawing on our considerable experience in the areas of mobile app development and software design, as well as our background in product branding, SEO and digital marketing, we have helped create a product that we feel is destined to revolutionize the future of the automobile industry in years to come.

TracknStop Mobile Dashboard

TracknStop Mobile Dashboard

In 2013, Big Dog Digitial were asked to design and build an easy-to-use and intuitive application that would be possible to use across all platforms, from Smartphone to Tablet to home computer. Not only that, however, but this application would have to integrate with the TracknStop hardware within a vehicle. By implementing advanced GPS technology and custom-built software, Big Dog met that challenge.

On top of our role as software and app developers, Big Dog was also asked to help devise and manage TracknStop’s branding strategy and digital marketing campaign. Having designed and developed, Big Dog provided SEO-friendly content for TracknStop’s website and for its other print materials. We lent our considerable expertise in the areas of social media marketing and advertising to the folks over at TNS.

In other words, it’s been quite a busy year and a half! But we’re delighted to see that TracknStop is getting the attention it deserves and that everyone’s hard work is paying off. Go TracknStop!