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Big Dog’s Monthly Medley #FebEdition

By: Cathal March 3, 2017 4 mins read

Former front-end dev, now trying his hand at drawing and taking pictures.

Welcome back to our new Monthly Medley segment. Specially curated to look at areas across the web that have caught our eye this past month. The first Friday of every month will see Cathal share some recent finds and gorgeous web and design inspiration. The biggest announcement this month and one that we've all been thrilled about; the relaunch of the virtually indestructible Nokia 3310, so lets get into it.

An Icon Reborn

Who would have thought that after it's initial release in 2000, 17 years later we'd see the return of the iconic Nokia 3310. I for one am excited to dive in and see what this modern classic has in store (or possibly just to play snake again). It'll be interesting to see how it'll match up in today's market (retailing at $50) against its fully loaded counter parts.

From a design perspective Nokia have brought this mobile icon right up-to-date with beautiful modern rounded corners and a selection of vivid colours to choose from, yet the new Nokia 3310 retains the iconic silhouette of the original and reimagines it for 2017.


Best of all: Snake

Need I say more?


For detailed spec see: Nokia 3310 Spec

CSS Web Gradients

WebGradients is a free project from the itmeo team. The gradients are built to be simple and powerful saving you valuable time. The WebGradients set contains 180 fresh backdrop gradients; CSS values are available to copy and paste directly into your stylesheet, while SketchPSD packages are available to download on a pay what you think is right basis.

There’s something so nice about browsing CSS gradients. Be sure to check out the sites loading animation, I could spend all day looking at it.


HTML 5 Robot


Credit: html5bot
What can I say about ‘The HTML5 Bot‘ except for that he’s a very nice bot indeed. However ask yourself this; have you ever found yourself uncertain what the best semantic HTML tag is for the section of code you’re writing? Why not let the HTML5 Robot choses the appropriate semantical tag for you. The Robot will ask you a few questions to determine the correct HTML 5 element to use.

See HTML Reference for further information.

That’s a wrap for this months medley, hope you enjoyed it. Have any comments or suggestions let us know on the various social media sites. You can tweet Cathal directly @Cathalmacan. Good luck and take care.