Friendly Neighbourhood Bar in the Heart of Fade Street, Dublin.

  • Nov 2016
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IdleWild is a friendly neighbourhood bar for all in the heart of Fade Street, Dublin 2.  Delivering customers the best selection of the Irish Craft, IdleWild pairs together what they do best – whiskey and beer. Also, celebrating gins, craft beers and their twist on cocktails from an era they tip their hat to, when the music was full of soul, the people were full of inspiration and everybody around was there to have a good time.



South City Markets was Dublin’s first purpose built Victorian Shopping Centre. In 1876, Dublin (South) City Market Company was incorporated with a share capital of two hundred thousand pounds and a loan capital of fifty thousand pounds for the establishment, maintenance and regulation of a market on the south side of the city of Dublin. Designed by distinguished British architects Lockwood and Mauson.

The present owners, the Layden Family Group, acquired the property in late 1992 from Dublin City Properties and through meticulous management of tenant mix and low-key ongoing refurbishment of the building in sympathy with the original Victorian style, South City Market has never being in a healthier state.

It really is a unique jewel in the Dublin shopping scene with its own very special ambience, where Old Dublin meets the new city with a rhythm both harmonious and vibrant.



Design & Build

This is our fourth project for the POD Music Group Ltd. who spend time and effort complementing the environment which their venues inhabit.  Our task was to simply showcase the design, environment and menu created for IdleWild.


Design Interior Bar


We worked closely with management and the design team behind the project to ensure our approach complemented the overall interior of the venue. Using consistent patterns, colours and typography we achieved an agreed interface.

Objectives of this microsite were to compliment the bar design, to tell the story and to house the full menu of drinks available.


UI Layouts



Our team have partnered with the POD Music Group Ltd on numerous design and development projects over the past 12 months and we look forward to working with them in the future. Some of the partnership projects are listed below.

Dara Keogan

With a BA Honours Degree in Design and a wealth of experience in UI/UX, Dara has worked with numerous national and international clients over the past nine years. Dara oversees the planning, prototype development and design of all our projects. One of Dara’s key roles is to help balance our client’s business requirements with the needs of the end-user, resulting in simple to use but meaningful user interfaces.

Dublin, Ireland @Dara83