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Catch-Up (October)

By: Fran Murray October 31, 2018 2 mins read

Fran is Big Dog's big dog. He runs a tight ship but don't worry, a quick scratch behind the ear and he'll roll right over!

October Catch-Up (Halloween Edition)

Well, folks, we are now officially on the homestretch to the festive silly season. Halloween at Big Dog consisted of Cooper dressing up as Spiderman and goodies in the form of donuts from Krispy Kreme.

Before we lose the run of oneself with Christmas parties, shopping and general merriment here is a quick review of activities during October.

Santry Central

As some of you may know we moved doghouse earlier this year to Santry. Santry Central is a new creative space from the founders of The Chocolate Factory. We liked the concept of creative co-working so much we decided to partner up and develop a website.

Our brief for the project was clear - develop a website that would help advertise and market Santry Central’s unique co-working space and cost-effective/flexible options for part-time/remote workers, start-ups and established companies.

You can see the finished product here: and feel free to pop in and say hello and check out the space for yourself.


SISU Clinic

We also completed a site rebuild for the nice people at SISU Aesthetic Clinic. The original website while fresh and modern was mostly ‘hard-coded’ (to non-tech people this means without content management capabilities).

We were asked to rebuild the website (while making a few design and functional changes) with WordPress and interactive Page Builder. The end result was a website the team at SISU have full content control over.

Check out the website for yourself here:

SISU Clinic