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Digital Marketing 101: Going Viral – Part 2

By: July 22, 2014 3 mins read

I'm a fountain of wisdom...

Last week, we explored some of the most common characteristics found in viral ad campaigns. We identified three of the most common features - humour, relevance, and beauty - and how they can help improve your chances of going viral. With this in mind, Big Dog has decided to take a look at five of the most interesting and instructive viral campaigns from the past few years. Take a look!

1) Blendtec - ‘Will it Blend?’

The set-up is simple: Tom Dickson, CEO of Blendtec, wants to demonstrate the power and durability of his blenders. How will he do this? By seeing if it can blend a brand-new iPad!
With an estimated 134 million views to date, this clever ad from 2006 is a great example of the effectiveness of quirky humour. With its modest production costs and simple premise, this viral ad campaign demonstrates how far you can go on a shoestring budget. I encourage you to take a look.

Check it out here:

2) Old Spice - ‘Responses’

Another great entry in the ‘quirky humour’ department is this series of online videos released by Old Spice in 2010. Following on from their highly successful TV commercials - known as the ‘Smell Like A Man, Man’ campaign - Old Spice released a number of videos in which their character, the ‘Old Spice Guy’, responded to fans questions and comments from Twitter and Facebook. Releasing over 180 video responses, this online campaign has received over 57 million hits to date.

Check out the responses here:

3) Dove - ‘Real Beauty Sketches’

Dove’s ad campaign from 2013 is an interesting example of taking a relevant topic and using it as the basis of one’s viral ad campaign. In this documentary-style video, the FBI’s top forensic artist is asked to do sketches for a number of women. The women are asked to describe themselves to the artist and the artist then produces a sketch based on these descriptions. But here’s the twist: strangers are then asked to describe these very same women to the artist. The results, needless to say, are quite interesting. The sketches illustrate the divergence between women’s perception of their own appearance and the perceptions of others.

By exploring the issue of female self-perception, Dove managed to touch on a subject that is deeply relevant for large numbers of women. It’s hardly surprising then that this video has racked up over 64 million views on youtube.

Check it out here:

4) TNT - ‘A Dramatic Surprise on A Quiet Square’

This hilarious ad from 2012 has gained almost 54 million views since its release. It would be wrong to give any summary of this one - just watch it and find out. You won’t be disappointed.

Check it out here:

5) Guinness - ‘Sapeurs’

Although Guinness's latest ad has only gained 3 million hits since its release, there’s still time for this wonderfully shot and visually dynamic short film. This ad serves as a primary example of a video that uses beauty and emotion in order to achieve its aims. Well worth a look.

Check it out here: