Increasing Traffic to Your Online Business: 5 Tips From Big Dog Digital

By: July 11, 2014 6 mins read

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Over the past ten years, the E-commerce revolution has completely transformed the way people shop. Whether it’s booking airline tickets or buying new clothes, ordering take-out food or purchasing their groceries, the average consumer spends more time shopping on the Web than ever before. In this brave new world of online shopping – as a result – it has become increasingly important for online businesses to stand out from their competitors.

And yet, as most of us know, with increased demand comes increased competition. As more and more businesses appear online, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd. How exactly - you might be asking - can I attract visitors and build the traffic that my site deserves?

Well, over here at Big Dog Digital, we’ve decided we’d like to help you out. We’ve decided to outline the 5 key strategies for increasing traffic to your online business.
Take a look!

1) SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The value of a well-planned and effective SEO campaign cannot be stressed too much. As anyone who has ever cut corners and tried to launch an online business with a poor or unprofessional SEO campaign will tell you, ranking high on search engine listings is essential for any successful online business. The simple truth is that for the large majority of online shoppers, the business they choose is often the one they encounter first on Google or Yahoo. Educating oneself about the different strategies and principles behind effective SEO - or paying a professional to plan your campaign - is often one of the smartest moves you will make.

2) Social Media

Social media is not just for creeping on strangers or posting inspirational quotes. It’s also an extremely effective tool for promoting your online business. From Twitter to Facebook, to Google +, it has become increasingly important for online businesses to market themselves via social media.

The most effective way to utilise these tools is to post regularly. Whether it’s news posts or product updates, or industry-relevant articles, posting regular content is a great way to increase your traffic. The more content you post the more likely it is that people in your circles will share that content with others. Regularity - and, of course, quality - are the key.

3) Email Marketing & Newsletters

Another effective strategy for increasing visitors is to keep in contact via email. When a visitor buys a product or uses your service online, allow them the option of signing up for a newsletter or receiving information on deals and discounts by email. Regularly reminding previous customers of your business and product range is a great way to increase traffic.

4) Online Discussion Groups

Another great way to increase traffic is to take part in online discussion groups. Seek out online forums or discussion groups that are relevant to your business, and take part. Help people out with their queries; show your knowledge and expertise in a certain field; debates the advantages and disadvantages of a certain product or service. With your company URL included on your profile, people will be encouraged to check out your business.

5) Be Different

The final - and in some ways most effective - strategy for increasing traffic is to be different than your competitors. Standing out from the crowd is about producing original and unique promotional material. Why not write some humorous, unusual, or unique blog posts? Or come up with a crazy idea for an online video? A hidden camera prank? Why not? A silly competition? Go ahead.

The truth is, it takes imagination and daring to stand out from the crowd in today’s online world.

So go on - get to work!