Mastering WordPress: 7 Great Online Resources

By: September 29, 2015 5 mins read

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Creating a professional-looking website can be a challenge when you start from the ground up. That’s why, these days, many people who want their own websites tend to have them built by web designers. However, what happens when your website has been finished for some time, but you want to make some changes? Are you stuck paying a designer additional fees just to change what already exists? Wouldn’t it be much better if you could update your content, add blog posts, and manage your e-commerce site without the help of a middleman?

If you agree, then read on to learn all about seven excellent online resources for anyone who is looking to master website upkeep via WordPress!


It may sound a little counter-productive to begin with WordPress itself, but this site has tons of

information to help you perfect your own personal or entrepreneurial website. It’s a great idea to download the WordPress software for yourself, even if you have a web designer who has set up your site for you. This way, when you want to make changes, you will be able to do so without having to get anyone else involved. The WordPress forums, too, are an excellent resource for asking questions and finding the answers to complicated problems.

WordPress is a free resource, though web hosting itself has paid options.


WooThemes is the Internet’s premiere go-to site for plugins, themes, and e-commerce that can be used with a WordPress website. It is the oldest themes site that is still in existence today, and it features a vast library of options that you can browse and select from for editing your own site. The plugins and themes provided by WooThemes are all professionally designed, and they are easy to install and use with the WordPress software. The site also features a wonderful support team to help you with any problems.

WooThemes is a free resource, with paid options.


A much lesser-known, but still very valid, WordPress resource is Lynda. It’s a company that helps educate users via the Internet in all the ways of WordPress—and more. There are video lessons on Lynda that focus on creativity, business skills, software usage, and a wide variety of other subjects. Tons of the videos available on this site centre around the topic of WordPress site building and upkeep, as well as on blogging and e-commerce. Best of all, when you feel like you have mastered the upkeep of your WordPress site, you can move on to other lessons available via Lynda’s user-friendly site, so that you never have to stop learning about the world of web maintenance.

Lynda is a paid resource.


Are you a complete WordPress “newbie”? Then you might want to get started with WPBeginner, a great resource for those who are learning from square one how to work with a WordPress site. If you have no idea where to begin, this site will help you. It provides videos as well as plenty of reading on how to improve your WordPress site, and it also supplies readers with plenty of hacks and tricks to keep them at the top of their site management game. You’ll never feel lost again when you follow the tips outlined at WPBeginner!

WPBeginner is a free resource.

WP Apprentice

WP Apprentice features tutorials and a wealth of information that can help anyone, from the site owner

who has never even heard of WordPress before, all the way up to WordPress masters who may be having trouble with one small detail. The videos are presented in a calm and collected manner, giving plenty of opportunities to pause and take in the information before moving on. The beginning instructions on WP Apprentice are definitely modelled for those who need help, and not for those who already know what they’re doing—but they are presented in such a way that does not seem like beginners are being talked down to.

WP Apprentice is a paid resource.

The Ultimate Hosting Guide

This e-book turned website is yet another great resource for anyone who is just starting to learn how to maintain a WordPress site. It features ten chapters, which begin with very simple topics (such as “What is Web Hosting?” and “Top Hosting by Affordability”) and moves on to slightly more intermediate subject matter (such as “Top Hosting by Features for Designers, Developers, and Agencies”). The site also features plenty of external links to provide you with further reading when you need more information on any part of the site building and upkeep process.

This Ultimate Hosting Guide is a free resource.

The Tao of WordPress

This 300-page guide is sure to provide every piece of information you need to get your WordPress site looking just like you want it to, and running smoothly at all times. This guide will start you from the very beginning, then give you a proverbial hand to hold as you take your first steps through the world of WordPress. If you have a small amount of working knowledge about WordPress, you can also use this guide to focus specifically on an area you want to improve in, such as blogging. It is a very crucial resource to the WordPress site owner!

The Tao of WordPress is a paid resource.