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Never Go Live Friday – Big Dog Digital Edition

By: Cathal August 3, 2018 1 mins read

Former front-end dev, now trying his hand at drawing and taking pictures.

Taking our own advice

We figure it was best to take our own advice and not launch our own brand new site on a Friday. I mean what could possibly go wrong? Instead, we opted for a Thursday go live so we could feature the Big Dog Digital site as part of this weeks #NeverGoLiveFriday.

As you might have read from Fran's recent post about goings-on around Big Dog Digital, we have had so much going on. New and old staff coming and going, brand new offices in Santry. With all of this, we thought it would be a good idea to revamp our online presence and showcase ourselves as a creative force and development agency. We're calling it our Digital Doghouse.

The Digital Doghouse

This is the company's third website since Big Dog started and it was a pleasure for me personally to be allowed a certain carte blanche with the sites design direction.

Some of the key design features that stand out to me, really only came to life once we starting building the site. The very talent dev team that we have added some lovely animations to the hero paint splashes. This gives the site some real life.


See you here again soon for future #NeverGoLiveFriday

We're always available for a chat on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, let us know what you think the new designs; if there's anything you'd like to hear/read from us do let us know.