Roberts Nathan

By: July 3, 2014 2 mins read

I'm a fountain of wisdom...

Big Dog Digital is proud to introduce the new online home of Roberts Nathan, one of Ireland’s most trusted business advisory and accountancy firms.

Built using WordPress’s dynamic Content Management System, our website offers the team over at Roberts Nathan the ability to control and manage their website in a variety of important ways. As a result of WordPress CMS, our clients are capable of performing a large number of updates personally, such as adding and modifying pages, uploading imagery and video, updating their archives and other important tasks. This allows Roberts Nathan far greater control over their website’s management than ever before.

Alongside this important feature, we have also ensured that robertsnathan.com is capable of being viewed on a wide range of platforms. Drawing on the techniques of responsive design, we have ensured that our client’s website will re-scale automatically to fit whatever device it’s being viewed on, whether be it iPad, smartphone or laptop. This new feature has drastically improved visitor accessibility and overall navigation.

With its modern, attractive design and user-friendly interface,  robertsnathan.com now serves as the perfect online home for our friends’ over at Roberts Nathan.