• Jan 2017
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Once described by the Woofington Post as the ‘undisputed godfather of Silicon Valley’, Turbo has now turned his sights to the newest technological frontier: Dublin, Ireland. With over twenty years experience developing cutting-edge software and acting as adviser to some of the worlds’ leading tech companies, Turbo serves as general overseer and spiritual guru to the team here at Big Dog.

Turbo’s other passions in life include: driving his convertible with the top down, quantum mechanical testing, and back-country skiing.

Tristan Fagan

As our Director of Development, Tristan’s primary role is to oversee the completion of every new project embarked upon at Big Dog. With his extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of Web Development and Internet-based Software, Tristan provides the team here at Big Dog with the tools and expertise to ensure the success of every new project, whether big or small. When away from his desk, Tristan can generally be found training for a marathon or hiking deep in the Dublin mountains with his beloved bulldog, Turbo.

Dublin, Ireland https://www.bigdog.ie