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U Mamma Revamp

By: January 9, 2015 3 mins read

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Earlier this year, the team over at U Mamma decided that needed a bit of a revamp. Although their original website had served them well in the past, they felt that there was considerable room for improvement. Having explored their various options, they decided to get in touch with Big Dog Digital.

So what’s different about

More Attractive Design

With its modern, attractive design and user-friendly interface, now makes browsing U Mamma's products and using their online store easier than ever before. With our updated design, we’ve aimed not only to improve the overall navigation and usability of the site, but to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for the visitor.

By creating a more visual and interactive design for the homepage and inner pages - via such elements as product sliders, animated menus and high-resolution images - we believe we’ve radically improved both the look and feel of the website.

We’ve also improved the appearance and navigability of our blog. You can now browse U Mamma's updates and latest news posts with greater ease.

Viewable on All Platforms

Alongside its more attractive design, we have also ensured that is capable of being viewed on a wide range of platforms. Drawing on the techniques of responsive design, our developers have ensured that will re-scale automatically to fit whatever device it’s being viewed on, whether that be iPad, smartphone or laptop. This new feature has drastically improved visitor accessibility and overall navigation.

Improved Online Shopping Experience

One of the most important improvements we made to the site, however, is improving U Mamma's online store. With a whole host of new features and a complete re-design, shopping online with U Mamma should not only be easier, but more enjoyable.

With our new online shopping system, you can now browse the U Mamma catalogue easier and more efficiently - and make more informed decisions. You now have the option of adjusting the way you view the products, whether in grid form or list form; you can now enlarge the product images to a higher-resolution version in a separate window, for more detailed inspection; and you now have the option of browsing the products according to price, by selecting a certain price range in the right-hand navigation bar.

On top of these improved features, we have also added two important elements: the ‘wish-list’ and ‘product comparison’ functions. With the ‘wish-list’, you can now add products you like to your own personalised list, to store for later visits. This list will automatically save once you log-out, and will be available to view anytime you sign in.

Alongside this feature, we have also added the ‘product comparison’ tool to help you make more informed decisions. With this tool, you can now add different products that you’re considering to an interactive list and our tool will automatically create a side-by-side comparison of the different products. You will be able to see the price difference, the difference in features and function, and any other differences between the various products. This will help you make the most informed decision as a customer and get the best deal possible on U Mamma's products.

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