WordPress 4.3 to be Released in August

By: August 6, 2015 4 mins read

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Going by the name of Billy Holiday, the latest iteration of the popular content management system is on the way. What are its key features?

The WordPress Foundation has announced that development of WordPress 4.3 is almost complete, with a planned release date of 18 August. Powering millions of websites, WordPress is the most popular blogging and content management system on the web. At Big Dog Digital, we love WordPress, and we're excited to start using its latest features. So, what are they?

Improved Theme Customiser

From version 4.3, it will be possible to edit navigation menus from theme customiser. It will also be possible to partially refresh pages, so that changes to part of the a theme may be previewed without reloading the entire page. By allowing you to experiment with your themes and see the results instantly, the improved theme customiser promises significant productivity gains.

More Improvements to Mobile Interface

WordPress has had a mobile-friendly administrative interface for several versions now, and the new version will continue to build on this. Among other improvements to its mobile interface, version 4.3 will offer significantly improved mobile support for multi-site administration.

Better Passwords

Version 4.3 will introduce some useful changes and improvements to how WordPress handles passwords. The password reset page will automatically generate a strong password, and new users will receive a link to the password reset page instead of a password in plain text. When adding a new user, it will be possible to specify a password, and this will default to an automatically generated strong password. Additionally, password strength meters will now be more informative. We’re sure you’ll agree that these changes are sensible and reflect best practice.

Favicon Tool

The favicon or site icon is the small icon you see next to your site’s URL in a web browser. In previous versions of WordPress, this icon had to be set by using a plugin or by manually editing theme files. From version 4.3, WordPress will include a tool for uploading, cropping, and previewing the site icon from the site admin interface.

Editor Improvements

Version 4.3 of WordPress will add inline text shortcuts to the visual editor. These can be used to add formatting to posts which will be instantly transformed into HTML, meaning you can add formatting to your posts and see the results without having the flow of your writing interrupted. The new version will also add visual and text editors to the Press This tool.

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