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Blackstone Motors

Improved Customer Experience for Ireland's Leading Renault Dealership


About Blackstone Motors

Multi-Award winning dealership Blackstone Motors succeeded in becoming the Regional Dealer for Renault in the North East and in 2012, the sister brand to Renault, Dacia, was added to the dealership.

Now also located in Cavan, Blackstone pride themselves on their personal approach in sales and after sales and their ultimate aim is to achieve a high level of repeat business through excellent customer service.


Blackstone Motors requested a redesign and rebuild of their website. The previous website was developed using a third party template system, which offers very little customisation options in terms of design or functionality.

The objectives were to present the Blackstone Motors story, promote their point of difference and demonstrate that they are a leading dealership in both service and product.

To ensure traffic leads to increased conversions/contact and to ensure effective and easy to navigate experience, from landing page through to search and product detail.

And to refine user experience through information architecture, navigation, interactive product display, video, live chat, content priority and brand.



Planning for conversion orientated sites involves extensive research on customers and their behaviours online.

The key objective of this process was to review pain points customers had with the existing site and map out in detail how best we would remove any friction between a customer landing on the site and conversion.

Our team worked alongside Blackstone to create and develop user flows that demonstrated the step-by-step elements required to allow the user and the business to accomplish their objectives.

After tracking the customers first and last interaction with the site, we then pushed into wireframes which gave a broader view of what the user will interact with. We refined navigation, content priority, functionality and search with the use of early-stage prototypes.

Creating a consistent experience across all devices required our team to work through and detail how each objective (Brand, Search, Product) would be easy for customers on all devices. This was planned extensively with design documentation, wireframes, prototypes and show and tell sessions involving our entire team and client.

Perfecting the search functionality proved to be a difficult task and our Lead Developer worked through numerous iterations and concepts before landing on a solution that worked for consumers across all devices.

As a team, we decided to follow experience principles developed by Think with Google

  1. Ensure that search results are useful
  2. Allow users to filter and refine a search
  3. Don’t let promotions steal the show, give your product a platform
  4. Provide full product details users want (image, model, price, year, mileage,)
  5. Display related products at opportune moments*Source – Mobile Principles of Retail Apps and Sites: Designing a Better Experience for Shoppers

Design & Build

Our design approach was highly collaborative and from our regular meetings with Blackstone, a primary objective for the dealership was to reflect their point of difference and demonstrate that they are a leading dealership in both service and product.

They wanted to tell a story to their customers and then provide a platform for their services. Iteration and collaboration lead to a customised brand and user interface approach that complimented Blackstone’s ambition, customer service approach and encouraged customers to explore products.

Our designs needed to be cognizant of Renault’s global style guides and use a visual system that supported all the requirements of a product related website.

The dark grey colour combined with off yellow, merged with product detail and brand imagery to outline objects and content in a well-organised user interface.

The overall objective is to strengthen the Blackstone brand and invite the user to discover content, opportunities and products throughout their visit.



  • Improved customer journey from initial landing, search, product detail to contact.
  • Vastly improved the experience for mobile users (48% of traffic)
  • Increased the average time customers spend researching products, leading to more conversions, enquiries and sales.
  • Client control with integrated CMS.

What the client said

“We wanted a modern, unique and user-friendly website that perfectly embodied our personality. We got in touch with Big Dog Digital and from our initial meeting we were highly impressed with their creativity and enthusiasm.

We found the entire team to be incredibly dedicated and thorough. They happily took our own ideas on board and built upon them to create our amazing new Website and Logo, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for a new development agency.”


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