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Vitus Prostate

The future of Prostate Cancer Treatment is here.



Vitus Prostate Center specialises in prostate cancer treatments from clinics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US. Vitus are the world leaders in prostate cancer treatment, offering patients hope, innovative treatment and impressive results. With a track record of over 600 successful IRE treatments it clearly shows that no one knows more about NanoKnife - the most up-to-date treatment for prostate cancer.

In 2017 we were changed with the task of working with a dynamic team to design and build a multi-site web presence for Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US.


Working alongside brand designers ‘Milk’, SEO experts ‘WolfGang Digital’ and a team copywriters our task was to design and build a new online presence for Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US.

We started by wireframing all key templates which not only ensured a clear user-flow but also assisted the copywriting team in generating the required amount of content and proved the ideal way to plan CTA’s (conversion planning) with input from WolfGang Digital.

Once the entire website was fully planned/mapped - we then implemented a design that captured the ethos, mission and cutting edge treatment Vitus offers it’s patients.

Utilizing WordPress Multisite we developed 5 unique website that could be managed from 1 installation and source.



The outcome was a professional, bright and clean website utilising the new brand identity with a clear user-flow and ample CTA’s to enable users to contact Vitus in a number of various methods.

We have continued to work with the Vitus and WolfGang Digital team - always striving to make improvements and enhancements that have seen it’s organic reach improve steadily.

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